August 17, 2009

The Virtual Pollack Advertising Museum

Nice collectible items by Michael Pollack. He owns this huge virtual museum. For over 30 years, Pollack has been collecting advertising items. As well prime commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate projects. He collected so much that he needed to build a new facility building to house his collectibles. His 110 Baranger displays and over 7,000 advertising items are now rest in a special section of a 7,000 square foot area inside the 31,000 square foot building. The rest of building is for his corporation offices.

Even though the museum is authentic (apparently not accessible to the public?) and is located in Mesa, AZ, you can only see it virtually on line and photographs.

The categories are: banks, baranger, lunch boxes, slot machines, tap handles and misc.

Pollack Advertising Museum

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