August 19, 2009

Ride A Pram

An Interesting small blog about prams (push chair/ baby stroller). It's fun to see both old and contemporary prams. I remembers those 1970's prams, they seem so "low hi tech" to what we have now. You couldn't even fold some of these old prams like today, or fit them in the car. I remember the first time I actually saw a folding stroller was in mid-70's. But it was just the beginning, I think. I think it was a French stroller. They didn't fold like they do today, and you certainly couldn't convert it to a car seat and vice verse. They were simple. It's amazing how advanced and far they have become when comparing to the early and classic stroller. Those were so big and were practically beds on wheels, that all the baby could see was probably the clouds and mom's face.;-p

I saw another awesome retro stroller somewhere in some gadget site I think. But I don't remember where I saw it. So far I have not been able to find it. Bummer. An artist designed it. Not sure if it was for actual use or just an art piece.

Blog - Pram Museum

The image above from the top are the Supersroller, PRAMULATOR and the Bomo. The Superstroller is from 1947. I have no idea what year the other two are.

Check out this cool one from Daddy Types blog.

Daddy Type

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