August 18, 2009

Do You Brush Your Teeth?

Interesting site from the University of Minnesota. There are collections of American Social Hygiene Posters from 1910-1970. It's actually a search engine where you can use the category and the year you want to find the posters. However, some years you'll hardly find anything or nothing, or even the year you want (most are up to 1950), and other years you'll find quite a bit. For example, in the "health" category, only in 1920 see good results. As I mentioned earlier there are some good stuff here, but this is just not an extensive site. Perhaps, this site is still at work?

I could not find the button for the "search" at first. So to save you a headache, it is right below the blue banner on the right hand side.

University Of Minnesota - American Social Hygiene Posters

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