August 16, 2009

The Most Incredible Human Feats!

The Human Marvels site is about true and incredible unique human feats from the past to present. The blogger tells us that his site is about "Presenting peerless prodigies of physical phenomina you may call them oddities freaks or monstrosities - whatever you will- but I call them incredible, persevering, resourceful, and marvelous human beings. I chronicle their inspirational stories of triumph over nature, fate, and the judgment of man."

One example is the image above, it shows a man leaning on a stool or table. If you look at his shoes, you'll notice a very tiny woman standing next to him. Yeah, I didn't notice her either at first. Her name is Pauline Muster also known as Princess Pauline. She was born in February 26, 1876 in Ossendrecht in the Netherlands. On the Guinness Book of World Records she is considered the smallest woman in the world at just one foot and 11.2 in height. Her story is incredible. To read more about her, check her out under a category called "dwarfism".

The Human Marvels

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