October 2, 2009

Looking For My Old Pony Camera's References

What is good about this site is that you can learn about the history of cameras through the advertising from the 19th century. There may be cameras that used to exist but are extremely hard to find. If there were no ads for this camera, no one would even have known about them. In the second paragraph in cameras' link, it describes such situation.

According to the "Antique & 19th Century Cameras" their purpose is to present historical aspects of the cameras' advertising or the references. They state: "The idea is to build a more complete picture of each item by studying the wide spectrum of model variants and accessories that are not listed in recent collecting books."

Obviously, you will see all the ads and references titles just down below in blue. When an ad or an illustration appears, click on it and you'll see a photograph of the camera. I didn't notice that until after I viewed about three ads. Don't forget to check out the other three sets, multi-lens cameras, view cameras (American and European) and self casing cameras.

Antique And 19th Century Cameras References

Antique And 19th Century Cameras Main Page

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