September 27, 2009

Take A Stroll To The Ghost Town

Some ghost towns can be eerie places to visit and yet fascinating if you really think about how they were before the people practically "disappeared". These town are almost literally frozen in time. It's just that they are dusty and in bad shape. This is how I see them. The site reminded me that once my family passed such a town in Nevada, I think. There was this house on a hill that etched in my mind. It looked like the hotel in Psycho. It almost made me believe that it was indeed the Psycho house. It was a little creepy but at the same time it piqued my interest. Maybe I felt this way because still a teen. Hopefully, I'll get to see it again because I want to see its' interiors. Unfortunately, I don't recall the town's name. It must have been sometime in early or mid-80's that I saw it.

The nice thing about this site, is that you can see the buildings' interiors. It's like going back into the past or something like that. No wonder they are called ghost towns. It's weird trying to imagine how these towns once upon a time were full of life. You start to think about the "wild" west and or about the mines and the gold rush. It might make you wonder where those people went. Where are their next to kin? It's not just the buildings that are neglected but also the rusty cars. I guess some people apparently just left their cars out at the open space. Or maybe used the area as a car graveyard. I have no idea. It is as if they were carelessly (or purposely) dumped. Looking at the cars in the photographs I wondered what kind of people drove them when the vehicles were in their prime. Why were they there? Did somebody just wanted to get rid of his or her car? Personally, I love the blue truck in Bodie, CA. It looks like a classic to me in the picture. I wonder what the truck's purpose. But I can only make an educated guess. Maybe for the mines? Transporting people to a mine? Truthfully, I'm a bit biased about this particular town, because that was the name of my dog, Bodie, who killed last year. It's as if I have a strange connection to it only because of its name. Often, when people who met me while I'd be walking Bodie, they'd tell me about this town. They'd always started saying "oh, his name is like this town, Bodie...did you know.." Eventually, I just had to get curious about this town. So maybe some day I'll see it myself.

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