September 27, 2009

Blog - Old Photographs Of Japan

This blog is a great place to view old photos of Japan.These photos were taken from the 1860's to 1930's. It's not often that I see a historical photos of Japan. It makes sense considering that Japan used to be a xenophobic country during that time period. But there are so many other countries that I'd have love to peek through their the past. I particularly enjoyed the photographs of the women. Obviously, they are an integral part of Japan's history. Their clothes, for example, are unique to Japan. Although, when I hear the word "kimono" I also think about the "sari". I have not seen many photographs of Japanese women wearing kimonos during time periods, but mainly in very old movies about the samurais.

Now, this site can be viewed through different methods. Time period, themes, places, photographers and medium.

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