September 29, 2009

The Cat Who Loves Pianos

This is awesome! if you haven't seen it yet I strongly recommend you to see it. It's an official website called "CATcerto" for a piano cat called Nora. This is the famous piano cat, Nora, who practically took over YouTube a while back. On her website you will see her as part of a Lithuanian 12 pieces orchestra. On CATcerto there are other things to browse through,including a whole bunch of interviews! She has great links too. Not only that, she also has her own pages on Twitter and Facebook, as well a blog. How about that, Garfield? Right now, Nora gotta be one of the most famous cat in the world besides Garfield and Morris (in my opinion anyway). Am I missing someone? Tom?

As you can see down below, the entire concert can also be seen on YouTube in an excellent quality and in a widescreen mode. If you click on the user's name on YouTube, you'll see a few more videos of Nora, in a new page. Basically, you can see the videos both on YouTube and CATcerto. Go have fun at CATcerto.

CATcerto - The Official Website

On YouTube

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