April 26, 2009

Blog - Retro YouTube

This blog is dedicated to those nostalgic days via YouTube. The nostalgia goes pretty far back. There is even a minisode of Casper, "Bored Billionaire" (postedSept 30, 2008). I so loved watching this little poor guy that nobody want to play with. There are a lot of stuff there I've never heard of. There is, for instance, the "The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest hoax " that aired This on April 1st, 1957 on BBC. It showed spaghetti growing on trees (posted April 1, 2009). I remember vaguely reading about it somewhere a long time ago. I can't believe people actually fell for it, and called BBC for further information. It's like little children who believe that the lollipops grows on the lollipop tree. I even know of such girl who really thought that. Heh.

Retro YouTube

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