April 25, 2009

Bridges of The Past

You can find info such as locations, lots of technical data, historical background, design type, maps of historical bridges and more. It also includes current news. It is a good site if you like to travel and enjoy the old country and see old bridges. Some of these old bridges have long or recently collapsed. They have maps, so you can find out how to get to a particular bridges. Note that some of these bridges (I think) do not exist anymore.

Below are the photograph information:

First photograph from the top is the "Auburn Branch covered Bridge" Clark County, Illinois. Photo taken by Robert Stephenson.

Middle photograph is the "Base Road Bridge", Jennings County, Indiana. Photo taken by Chris Light.

The bottom photograph is the "Sutherline Ford Bridge", Putnam County, Indiana. Photo taken by Anthony Dillon.

Historic Bridges of The U.S

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