May 1, 2009

Is it an Ethnic or a Race? (no politics)

I've always have been confused about the differences between race and ethnic. They seem alike alike, but they evidently they aren't. The CIA tells you the ethnic groups for each country. This is great. It's simple and clear. I don't know how complete this list is when it comes to countries. So I can't vouch for that. But it seemed like an interesting page to post. As a matter of fact, the CIA's site has good information for both adult and children about other topics.

CIA - Field Listing-Ethnic Groups

While searching, I also looked at the Yahoo Answer site. A member asked what the difference between ethnic and race. Some of the answers didn't make much sense. I am not in a habit on relying on this site, unless it includes references. If you are interested in reading it too, here is the url for you below.

Yahoo Answers - What is the Difference Between Ethnicity & Race?

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