February 24, 2009

So, my laptop is up and running again


Well, we (my mac guru actually) had no luck getting back my files from the bad hardrive in my laptop. So I am missing some essential files, such as the list that contained all the links for my blog (not in the browser ofcourse). The list contained both posted links and non posted ones for the future. So hopefully, I don't end up posting twice the same links. It will take a while to view all the posts that I've done so far. So I'll just do my best here not to repeat and find new links for you. I found out that to get the items that I need from the old hard drive (which crashed) I'd have to pay $2,000 for it. What an insanity. You have to send it to a factory, which take the hard drive apart and do their thing to "pull out" the data. So, one thing that I learned is that keep a separate list of your passwords ( I knew I ahouls, but I was too lazy...) especially for the hard ones, like Kaiser Permanent. It takes a while for them to send you a new one via mail. If you have a second computer, make sure it has the same info as a back up, including the keychain (a Mac feature).

OK 'nuf lecture. So, I'm back using the laptop with a new hard drive.

Good think I remember the password for my blog!

Don't be lazy! Keep a spare list somewhere else!

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