February 28, 2009

Pink Tentacle "japan air raid posters"- blog

Like in the US, Japan had their own government posters in from the Japanese Red Cross during Japan-China war in 1937-1945. The purpose of these posters was to "teach the public about the new Anti-Aircraft Defense Law," (it is about poison gas). More details n this site.

Obviously, the posters are in Japanese. but there is an English translation for each posters. I was intrigued by the drawing style which is drastically different from the American style during the same era. The This blog.Pink Tentacle, also states that the "Among other things, the new law required citizens to take protective measures against gas attacks and prepare for disinfection, evacuation and relief. "

The one with the baby in the bag, felt a bit eerie to me. It reminds me of those little dog bags. I just can't imagine putting a baby in a bag... even with vents. I'd rather put a mask on.

This site is mostly Japanese oriented, but I have not gone through the entire site,
So if you find it or a link that not proper, please let the users know. Best solution just don't view it at work Be safe! ;-)

Japan Air Raid Defense Ad

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