February 24, 2009

Going Through Lines of Time

The Australian "Object through time" is an exhibition of items and special items or were developed or exist through out the last few centuries. There are pictures and essays about history of the objects or the subject that is presents in the page. I didn't read everything. There are a lot of essays which I'm sure would interest those who like history about objects. There are many items that aren't nothing like each other. There is for example, a convict jacket from 1840's (today it would look stylish), there is also something that I've never heard of, a HMS Sirius Anchor and Cannon from c.1780- 1790. One of my favorite subject was the Harry Vanda's Maton 12 String Electric Guitar c.1960s.

You can view the exhibitions in different with different themes that are nothing like each other. Some of these themes are , settlement, folk art, government, Gaol, Agriculture, Interment, Prisoners of War, Pop Culture, Games. This site has a lot to do with the migrants in Australia (it's an Australian site). So, there are a lot to look at.

There are different ways to view this site (check under View Objects).

Objects Through Timeline


*** The items above from top to bottom are:

Matthew Finders Bicorn Hat c. 1800
Japanese Himitsu-Bako Puzzle Box c. 1939-1940
Harry Vanda's Maton 12 String Electiric Guitar c. 1960s
Griffith Drink Tokens c.1937-1951
Convict Jacket c. 1840s

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