June 17, 2009

What A House!

This is actually an article from "The Daily Green" blog which is related to "the green revolution". The article has as it says, photos of "11 Homes Made Out of the Darndest Things, from Treehouses to Missile Silos". There is even a Thai temple made of beer bottles. Can't say that I'd want to go inside. I'd for sure won't go inside if that structure here in California. I don't wanna be inside during an earthquake. I know what they are like. (BTW, for those who visit California, you supposed to hide under a table/desk, not stand at the door during an earthquake ;-)

My favorite habitat though is the green house. I'd probably would have to make sure I don't get bugs in the house. Grin. If you click on the "treehouse" link at that tree house article, you'll find yourself being transported to another cool site with more neat tree houses. Well, The rest of this green blog is interesting too. Especially if you are a "green environment" person. It's not only about houses, there are cool stuff too, that could interested anybody like the "Green Products from A to Z" where they have everyday items such as bikes, pillows, paint etc with reviews.

As for houses, I think I'll skip staying with Oscar. I don't think I'd fit inside anyway (this reminds me, when is Dr. Who is coming back??).

The Daily Green - 11 Homes Made Out of the Darndest Things.

A shorter link if the one above does not work:

The Daily Green.

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