June 19, 2009

Introducing Shelby

Back in October 2008, I posted about the killing of my service dog, Bodie, in a dog park by a Pitbull. A month ago I finally got a new service dog small black lab who is 15 months old now. She is still in training, so she is not officially yet classified as a fully service dog. She is "a service dog in training". She going to get her blue training vest soon! Then she'll be able to go inside public places where dogs normally aren't allowed to be at. I hope to post a picture of her once she gets the vest.

I want to show a picture of Shelby at the park looking at a rare Yellow Swallowtail butterfly. She was at first following its' shadow on the grass before realizing that there is a butterfly hovering above us so low that I could almost catch it. You can see how close the butterfly is. I'm surprised it didn't land on her nose. ;-) Maybe in a Disney movie it would have, grin. It was fascinating to watch her sitting there following the shadow with her eyes and turning her head while doing so. I don't know why Shelby's mouth is open, but she wasn't trying to catch it. I don't think she ever seen a fly before. I've never seen this butterfly myself. It was very pretty.

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