May 5, 2009

A Horse From The Past

I saw an additional link that I thought would be nice to post (I am sure there are other good ones out there) called "The Antique Horse". It's tad bit different than the other link.

This is site is also about antique rocking horses, except that it is much more sophisticated in a way and is not exclusively about rocking horses only.

It includes carousel figures, carousel trim, rocking horses models, unusual items, ethnic figures, contemporary carving, folk art, shows, and restorations. I have to admit, that I was surprised that there is such thing as ethnic horses. I was excited. But there is only one. It was actually very intriguing to me. It was an interesting old Mexican parade horse that was made around 1950 and is on sale for $300. The objective of this horse is to be worn by a child on July 25th feast day parade of St. James. There is a short paragraph that explain the parade of St. James (I am not familiar with this holiday).

There is also a stained glass, but I don't see any relation to horses here. There are pictures of shows that have the horses in them, and some other objects.

I'd say, these rocking and carousel horses aren't cheap in neither link. Some have a price mark that end with 3 zeroes. You can buy a used cheapo car with some of the money worth. Or a little tiny car with a bit of loan.

The Antique Horse

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