May 8, 2009

Blog - "The Woof Report Blog" (plus a great video)

With mother's day coming up, I was sent this sweet YouTube video called "Burlington, Iowa Dog Raises Kittens". In the video you'll also see quick clips of other female animals taking care of other breeds. Like a tiger taking care of an orphan monkey or an ape. But this clip is really about Burlington.

It was sent from a wonderful site called "Woof Report Blog". Take a look at this site which is dedicated to animals, primarily dogs in San Francisco Bay Area. It has information, tid bits, tips, events, info, stories, etc. It's really a nice looking blog. Useful if you live in SF area if there are local events, but good even if you don't. It's good for everybody!

You'll see the video in the url below.

Burlington, Iowa Dog Raises Kittens

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