May 6, 2009

The Most of the Most...

The Most Expensive journal is simply about "most expensive" this and that. It's amazing how people spend money on the "most expensive" items, when you can find the same thing for a much cheaper money (and sometimes better quality).

To be honest, sometimes when I'm out shopping I get jealous when I see something that I like but very expensive and which I may not even need it.It'd rather donate. It's more fun. Makes me happier. There is always a cheapo may that will do the same job or better. But, heck, it doesn't make me less intrigues or make me go "wow! when I see a $20,000 vacuum" (which is basically expensive because it has 3,730 Swarovski crystals and that's about it) but then I go "so what". I can buy the exact same Electrolux vacuum without the crystals for a reasonable price. I could put a fake crystals on it too, lol. Sometimes I laugh at all that money that companies bother to spend money on, like a gold cell phone. Who need a gold cell phone to call for an appt with the dentist?

Good thing we have eBay.

Anyway, I'm babbling as usual. Here is the link:

Most Expensive Journal

Some of the things that I liked was the story of the most expensive nose that was insured for nearly 8 million USD, and the most expensive m&m.

The pictures above are of the most expensive swimming pool, and the most expensive m&m.

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