September 11, 2009

A Toy Store On Main Street

The "Main Street Toys" site has vintage toys for sale. They have the following vintage toys categories: Space Toys, Robots, Battery Operated Toys, Wind Up Toys and Other. They also have modern items in Pop Culture.

There are so many vintage toys that I couldn't decide which photos to post. I enjoyed browsing through the pages. I don't recognize any of the toys. But I do remember playing with the water guns that looked like xray guns. It was a lot of fun. Toys from the 80's and 90's are mostly in the Popular Culture section, but the 1950's -1970's decades seem to be largely dominant elsewhere. Many of these space and robot toys were made in Japan. There are some mighty expensive and rare toys. Some are even more than a grand! For example, the "Old Stock Flashy Jim Robot" (see above) is worth $3,400.00 and the "Vintage Taiyo Japan Blink A Gear Robot" is $1,500. Whew!

I did not checked all the links. I did see some nice links though.

Main Street Toys

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