September 9, 2009

Huh? Why Is This Book Still In The Library?

I totally agree with the title of this blog, "Awfully Library Books". There sure some odd, silly, bad condition and totally out of date books displayed. There are books that just aren't fitted to be part of the library. It is the focus of the blog. Who is gonna read about careers or financial advice from decades ago? I wouldn't even donate them, I'd drop them in the recycle bin. But the question is, what do these books are doing 'resting' in the library? What a waste of space! Most of the books in this blog appear to be from the 70's and the 80's. There are books about how to do and such advices that are even much older from the 1950's and the 1960's. That's right, there are books from the 1950's. There are also books are the ones missing pages. Isn't that annoying when people rip off the pages, or don't take care of the books? It's a shame and sad when books get that kind of treatment. I can understand children doing this, but the adults should know better.

I enjoyed the short input by the bloggers and the readers who submit the picture of the books that they found in the library. They are funny and I can relate to some of the comments. As for the images above, the "WAX" is from 1966, "EASY DOS IT" is from 1985, "Book For Men" is from 1953. Yep, no mistake here. They ought to sell it in a the library garage sale or just recycle it.

Awful Library Books

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