September 8, 2009

Be A Hot Air Sport Balloon Expert!

This is a good place to learn about the early years of sport ballooning. Apart from the information, there are also photographs of creative, old and unusual balloons. There is even a picture of the world largest balloon in 1966 which is feature in the top image above. It's absolutely grand! It is now extincted. Some of these balloons have interesting characteristics. You'll understand what I mean once you will see the photos. I love these 1970s and 1960's balloons. They are awesome. Notice that there some additional pictures within the text below the visible images on the page. You'll see the word "here" and such, when you click on them, you'll be led to the extra images. I missed that at first because I looked st the text too fast. Some images such as the chicken, will pop up further images if you click on them.

The rest of the balloons after the world largest balloons from the top are the KFC's chicken in 1976. The inventor of the KFC balloon, Mike Adams, was the first American maker to build a special shape. You can't see it in this picture, the basket is shaped as a promotional KFC basket with the logo on it. You can see it in other photos of this balloon. The balloon with the gliders set the record in 1977 for the most hang gliders dropped at once. In 1968, the clear balloon was taped together as a polyester-film balloon. The last one at the bottom, is the beaver. I like it because its face brought up a smile. It was introduced in 1974 as an A - Type balloon (see the 'Thunder' section for further info).

Early Years Of Sport Ballooning

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