September 3, 2009

This Is How You Write "Jules Verne" in Greek: Ιούλιος Βερν

This is a page from the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am a big fan of Jules Verne. As a kid I loved to read his stories and watch the movies that are based on his stories. I'd read them again and again. In this particular page you can find out how to write the name of the author Jules Verne in other languages!!! The list is incomplete though. There are languages that I've never heard of. Here are some translations.

Armenian - Վերն
Russian - Жюль Верн
Lithuanian - Žiulis Vernas
Turkish - Ժււլ Վէրն
Polish - Juliusz Verne
Arabic - جول فيرن
Hebrew - ז׳ול ורן
Japanese - ジュール・ヴェルヌ
Chinese - 儒勒·凡尔纳
Korean - 줄 베른

The titles of Jules Verne’s works in 93 languages

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