August 31, 2009

The Steamboat Museum (Don't Forget Willie!)

A Virtual Online Steamboat Museum with many steamboat related topics under Photos, Delta Queen & Delta King Collection, Ancestry Stories, Model Boats, Steamboat Art, Steamboat Mysteries, Various Collection and Research History.

I found the site to be entertaining and educating at the same time. For some reason whenever I see the word steamboat I think about the little Steamboat Willie with Mickey Mouse. Not as these majestic steamboats. ;-) Gosh, I have not seen it in ages! I used to love Mickey Mouse. That's some nostalgia.

Above the top steamboat is the Washington after it was converted, and the one below is the same boat but prior to the conversion. It was called the Sidney.

In short, the boat was originally named Sidney and was built in 1880. Then in 1901 it was bought an rebuilt in 1921 converting it into a excursion boat called Washington and was in use until 1937. It was dismantled in 1938. The info and the images is under "The Streckfus Excursion Boats".

Online Virtual Steamboats Museum

Steamboat Willie:

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