September 3, 2009

Dagobert Krikelin stands for Dagwood Bumstead

This one is a Swedish comic magazine site with many images old and recent comic magazines in Swedish. There are many comics in Swedish, I don't know if there are actually any comics that are Swedish in origin. Many of them are obviously American and British also non-Swedish European magazines. It was fun to see the Swedish translation for the magazine names. Such as "Apornas Planet" for Planet of the Apes and Helgonet for The Saint. You can enjoy the site even if you don't know Swedish like me.

In the main page, just under the light blue navigation bar at the far left, you'll see at the bottom an option to scroll down for various magazine sets. It leads you to the magazine you opted for to its page. For example, If you opted for Spindelmannen (Spider Man) you'll arrived to a Spiderman magazines page.

As for "Forstanummer", I may be wrong, but I think the word refers to First Edition magazines that are common. Apparently the translation is "First Number". In that page there are single images each represent a different magazine. These are not set images. A pretty cool page I'd say.

If there anyone who is influence in Swedish, I'd love it if the person can verify the meaning of "Forstanummer" in regard to this site.

One last thing, this site has frames (I have not seen frames in a long time!).


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