April 19, 2009

Where's The Toilet Paper?

History of the Toilet Paper... this isn't the kind of topic that crossed my mind every now and then. Nor a subject of conversation in general. But I did find the trivia and the rest of this site full of good information. It focuses on fun facts, surveys, stories, manufacturers, worldwide and zingers. There is also a timeline. Did you know the history goes back eons ago?

Toilet Paper Encyclopedia

**Also check out these fantastic old time toilet paper photographs at "Tag Yerit Presents: Toilet Paper Curiosities". You gotta check out that site. They have fantastic stuff. It has additional informatioal, but both are great sites. The big differences is that the site below has photos.

Toilet Paper Curiosities

The image above is from the Tag Yerit Presents site. The toilet paper in the image is so very rare. It was made between 1871-1884. There is more information on this particular paper. Very interesting. I'm glad they don't make it anymore, ha. It is the first image on the site.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the link!
Jessica @ http://www.toiletpaperworld.com

Daphna said...

you are more than welcome!