April 18, 2009

Ronald Visits Thailand & More

This is an interesting page. It's about pictures of political correctness. Some I liked and some I didn't. Some things the author said, but it's the some pictures that I find thought provoking at times. He feels some are funny and some are serious. This particular page is about cultural dysfunction & Political Incorrectness around the world, So these sort of things tend to make me think. Especially, when it involve discrimination. Being deaf, I actually haven't experienced much of it, and I am grateful for it, So far, I can only recall discrimination twice. One was the Social Security in NYC via the phone, and another whom I also talked on the phone because he does'nt sell furniture to deaf people.

The author took the picture himself, so these are the his copyright (I did not ask for permission and I hope its okay with him). The image above is of Ronald in Thailand who is using the Sawadee greeting. I think this one is not discrimnates (my Thai friends taught me that. Wasn't easy). The other one is a candy which approximately translated to "Little Congo Baby".

Political Incorrectness Around the World

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