September 5, 2008

Instruct From The Instructables

I am not sure how well known this site it. Probably pretty well known, but those who have not visited it yet, and would like to learn how to build unusual stuff, check it out. You can submit your own too. Some examples, banana bikes, a butter pen (I don't know where people come up with those ideas!), pink eraser USB Flash Drive, and outdoor electric candle light. How about this one: "Making a pizza with a plasma cutter, a backhoe and mud?! Not to mention making a party top hat out of playing cards. I would like to build a car like KITT with a blue or green laser though. ;-) Not everything is about how to "build", there is a post that shows you how to solve a Rubik's cube and another teaches you how to perform a CPR.

Unfortunately, there are some posts that are inappropriate for work, and young children. I've seen them under the "Life" section. I don't know how many of those are there, but there are pretty good items under life, like growing organic food, how to cut your own hair, putting YouTube videos on to your phone, and how to improve your eyesight...

I could go on and on. Some are silly and fun. Some are educational and genuine. Fortunately, there are categories and keywords, so you can just browse through easily.

This site has 806 posts for you to learn all kind of stuff!


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