September 1, 2008


I've been following the news about Gustav (right now it's category 3). I've never seen a hurricane. Only a minor Twister, here in north california years ago (seriously.It was minor but it managed to rip off a few roofs an knock down some trees). I only know what it's like having a 7.1 earthquake. About Gustav, all I know, is what read and see in the news. It's definitely beyond horrible. This event reminds me of this site that I saw four years ago. It has a very good information about hurricanes starting in 1900. It does not include every single hurricane, but it has plenty of good historical information. It lists 35 hurricanes. The last one on the list is Wilma (2005).

National Hurricane Center

Here is another site with excellent data. It is a good educational source for those who want to learn about hurricanes. Here you can learn what they are. How do they develop. What was the costliest, and which was the deadliest. The Category 5.. There are more to learn here:


There are obviously tons other similar sites.

Above are the tv images of Gustav on the August 31 (Sunday) news. It is from the AccuWeather site (capture shots). I wonder why the guy's name isn't on the screen.

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