September 6, 2008

Famous Adopted, Adoptive & Birth People

Wow, I was surprised to see this list of famous people who were adopted. It's amazing what sites you may come across of, when you are not looking for them. So many famous names. Some people were adopted by family members due to the death of their parents (example: Lee Majors). Some weren't told they were adopted until they were teenagers (exmple: Priscilla Presley). Each person has a different story. Some stories are amazing. Some celebs weren't even "technically" orphans per se (example: Faith Hill). Some names on the Adopted Persons list are, Nancy Reagan, Leo Tolstoy, Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton.

This list is actually a three parters: Adopted Persons, Birth Parents (example: David Crosby, the surrogate Father of Melissa Etheridge's sons), and Adoptive Parents (example: Sammy Davis Jr.)

This is from the site that provides all kind of adoption resources.

Adoption Celebrities

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