August 14, 2008

Sandy Allen 2nd World Tallest Woman: Be In Peace

Yesterday, I read in the news that the world tallest living woman (That's according to Guinness. There is another taller young woman in China who is not in the Guinness Book. I saw a documentary about her a while back), Sandy Allen, had passed away at age 53. I read on that she was proud of herself, and was dedicated to telling children at church and schools, that it's okay to be different. Being tall was a very effective way to teach them that. Overall, She was quite an amazing woman.

I decided to look her up on the net, and came upon a site for tall women who are 6'6 1/2 and over. There is a page about her.

Tallest Known Living Women

Two YouTube videos of Sandy Allen. The first one is Sandy in her later years. In the second one you'll see a younger Sandy.

Sandy Allen- Worlds 2nd Tallest Woman

Young Sandy Allen

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Sandy Allen | All About Me Photography said...

Its strange, as someone also named "Sandy Allen," to see so many entries today about the passing of this Sandy Allen. I've read quite a bit about her since first coming across her in Guinness when I was a kid, and she was so much more than just her 'sideshow' looks. She will be missed!