August 13, 2008

The Carosello

This Italian site celebrates Carosello, which is part of their pop culture/nostalia (that's my understanding). It started in 1957. I am a bit confused about what it is. The only thing I recognized from this site is a cartoon show called Calimero, one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. The online translator that I used to translate the site did a horrible translation. Gosh. It translated the word "cost" as "coast". I'm pretty sure it's a typo there. It's fun to look through the site anyway. You can find a bunch of online translators if you need one.

Check out the "immagini" (images). There are some interesting stuff. When you get there, you'll see 6 items. Click on them and see where it will lead you to. Some of the nifty stuff are the advertising, children record covers (not sure they are really records. They call it "covered of discs") and books.

I use the Bablefish to translate the navigations' words below:

immagini - images
sondaggi - surveys
storia - history
articoli - articles

I guess, for those who are clueless about the Italian tv culture and and/or don't speak Italian (count me in for both), the 'immagini' would probably be the most fun part to "educate" ourselves. ;-)


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