August 14, 2008

The McCord Museum in Quebeq

The McCord Museum of Canadian History is located in Quebec, Canada. You can find information about their exhibitions and view online exhibitions as well. I started with the Thematic section, since it seems like a good started point for viewing. Especially, if you want to learn about Canada's role in history. They have a really wide range of themes. They are both fun and serious.

Of course, there are other things to check out besides the Thematic Tours. On the Thematic page, you actually have three options for viewing the exhibitions. You can 1) view the web tour 2) view movie clip (QT) 3) view Flash clip. I recommend the "view the web tour" to start with, especially if you are unable to watch the QT and/or Flash clips.

If you like cartoons, check out the cartoon section at this page. It's very good. Remember this is all related to Canada's history. So you aren't gonna see anything like Mickey Mouse or Tin Tin;-P It's more political like with humor.

The site use these words to describe their thematic page" "Discover new aspects of the history of Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries through thematic tours".

By the way, you can view the site both in English and French.

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