July 24, 2008

Light Up A Zippo

Old and and vintage of cool zippos. For those who don't know what a zippo is, a zippo is a cigarette lighter. In this particular page you'll see food brand zippos from the 1950. However, there are other type of zippos shown here. Vietnam Zippos, Windy Varga Girl, Harley Davidson, and Military. One of the best part is that you get to see photos of the first Zippos which were made in 1933. Another category is the new (truthfully, they don't look "new" to me) Character Graphics Zippos. These are from the 1950's and on.

If you click on the Gallery Index, you'll see a more specific categories, like beers and autos. I felt though that the one with the Gerbers baby image was sort of freaky. A baby on a zippo? I bet that today that zippo will never make it to the market. I did really liked the fridge zippo. It's pretty cool.

Zippos Gallery

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