July 20, 2008

Chicago Postcard Museum

The Chicago Postcard Museum was established in 2007. It's goal is to become largest online archive of Chicago postcards (they still have a long way to go, but I'd love to see the them grow. They also have a blog). Even though the museum owns each postcard, their digital postcards are offered free to the public (it tells you how to do that under the "condition download policy" category). The museum has collection of rare, antique, vintage and contemporary postcards. All about Chicago.

Their mission statement is:"The mission of the Chicago Postcard Museum is to serve as the world's resource for Chicago postcard images and visual history on the Internet and to provide to the general public an archive for research and enjoyment."

Chicago Postcard Museum

Make sure to visit this page from the same site. I shortened it. , since it was too long.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool way to see old postcards. I spent over an hour looking around the Chicago Postcard Museum and still want more. Thanks for finding this website.

Daphna said...

You are welcome. It would be nice if each city had a site like that :-)