May 26, 2008

Reeling A Reel

Wow, Robbies Reels is a fan site dedicated to the 16 mm film collecting. There is really a lot of information here. Here is the site's introduction:

"Welcome to the wonderful world of 16 mm film collecting. What a great feeling to set up aprojector and show your films on a screen as large as you want. Feel free to browse around, there are lots of 16mm films for sale, By clicking on the sales page you can find Features, Shorts, Cartoons, Featurettes, Trailers and much more. Since 1983 we've been selling films by mail order and the Big Reel publication. Be sure to check out the 16 MM TIMELINE with lots of great new info on Castle Films, Official Films, The Kodascope Libraries, Soundies, Blackhawk Films & how this great hobby has progressed over the years."

I suggest you start with the "16 mm Timeline", once you are done reading that page, scroll down to choose the decade you want (starting in the 1920's). Personally, I liked the 1930's the best.

Robbies Reels

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