May 25, 2008

The Fashion And The Twiggy

This Italian site is great. Those hair and fashion style are quite something! That is a heck of a nostalgia here. The people in the photos are mainly singers, actors and models (when they they were in their prime) posing in fashion. Many are Italian, French and British. The Americans are here also. Aside from the clothes, glasses and boots are also included.

A little trivia, do you know who the man with the long hair and the wide pants is? That's David Bowie!

Sixties Seventies

I was very disturbed though, by Twiggy's photos. I know who she is, but never really seen her pictures before. Maybe one or two. It bothered me to see how she got to be a cultural icon (she was the first supermodel) by basing it on her extreme thinnest (purposely).

According to NY Times as a teenager she weighed only 91. If you want to read some more about Twiggy from the NY Times, go to:

NY Times Twiggy

By the way, here is her personal site. She looks healthier now.

Twiggy Lawson Official Site

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