April 16, 2008

Disabled Creatures

I don't know how I missed this site before. Video clips with captions and sign language 'terps, are not something that I usually see on the internet. It's quite a rare gem to see.

It would have been nice, if more people whow are in the media and entertainment businesses, were aware of the difficulties that deaf people have with the various visual media (tv, theaters, videos..)

There is so much to do to make the world better for those who face challenges everyday. We need better accommodations everywhere.

About these ads, you'll notice that the characters differ vastly from the animated animal characters that you'd normally see in cartoons. They are all disabled (and sweet), who are in wheelchairs and crutches.

To be clear, this site isn't about deaf people. The site's purpose is to educate and to bring awareness about the various types of disabilities. This site is from the UK, which is probably why I don't recognize these ads. I don't think we've had them here in the US. It would've been great to have these ads here too.

I'd like to note that the radio ads don't have captions, however there are scripts for them that can view.

Leonard Cheshire Disability Creature Discomforts

If you are looking for the main page for the Leonard Cheshire Disability (it is a UK site), go here:

Leonard Cheshire Disability

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