April 14, 2008

Car Scenes - blog

Car Scenes is an interesting blog about cars that appear in movies' scenes. I think some of the greatest scenes in the movies were in cars. I never thought if this before. Some of Hitchcock films have memorable car chase scenes (Cary Grant). How about those famous James Bond's cars? Don't forget those 1970's wacky car races movies. There are also Christine, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Gnomemobile. Coming to think of it, there are quite many famous car movie scenes. Then there are a lot of them. We have them on tv too. Space Racer for example. Batmobile, KITT, Starsky and Hutch's Gran Torinos, General Lee and the Mystery Machine and more. Oh yeah, cartoon cars too. I would really love to see a list of all tv and movies'cars. I keep remembering more and more.

Car Scenes - Cars Take Center Stage In Movies

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