April 18, 2010

What Are You Drinking Now?

The Knowledge For Thirst is a blog about all kind of beverages. Their statement simply states that "The Knowledge For Thirst is where Kevin Fanning and Joshua Allen sit around and jaw about beverages." A few post examples are "Monster M-80 Mixxd Khaos Assault", "Russian Variation of the Pepsi New Logo", "Pictures & commentary on failed sodas."

At first, it appeared to be a small site, because I was looking for those "next post" text. It actually took me about a minute or two to realize that it's not the arrows on the top that I need to click, in order to keep moving, but the title next to them. Each page is dedicated to one topic. But when I looked at the archives, I saw a list of all the posts! There are many. I strongly recommend using the archives because you can see them all at once and choose the ones you are interested in reading. They have a few interesting titles.

So go check it out at:

Knowledge For Thirst

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