August 1, 2009

Bull's Eye!

At the Archery History site you'll find various information (ads and photos) pertaining to the tools of archery such as arrow types, quivers, points, broadheads etc. The various type of the arrows reminds me of golf in a way. I've never thought of it till I came across this site. Some other topics are ads from the past, ideas from the past, designers, articles, patents and archers.

Overall, I'd say this site has a lot of archery ads and photographs. Not really much information about the history of the tools, just the title of the ads and the photographs subjects or objects names. I guess you'd have to be familiar with archery to know what and how these tools work and perform in archery. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people. However, as someone who likes ads, I felt they were interesting and educational in a way. I don't normally see archery ads since I am not into hunting (but I do like archery competitions) magazines, so the ads (and the photos of the objects) were pretty new to me. These ads certainly seem to play a major role at the archery site.

They do however have a few articles in form of PDF files. You'll need Acrobat Reader from other magazines (Arrowtrade, Bow & Arrow Hunting, and Bowhunt America). I have not checked them, so I don't know what they are about.

You can also submit photos and advertising.

Archery History

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