July 31, 2009

Life Lessons At The Museum

The MMW (Making the Modern World) describes itself: "MMW-Online carries a timeline of powerful stories about the world we have made through science and invention. From Stephenson's Rocket locomotive to the Apollo 10 space capsule, from medicine to the machine gun, these stories show how our lives are shaped by the things we make, invent and use."

There are inventions under three categories: Stories Timeline, Icon of Invention and Everyday Life. A forth category is the Learning Modules. It appears that all timelines start in 1750 all the way through 2000.

There is so much to learn about. There sure are many a brief information and some don't for the objects featured'. For example, under Stories Timeline's there are among others, "Second industrial revolution" and the "Age of ambivalence".

Under Icons of Inventions category are subject under Science, Technology and Medicine. 13 pages of inventions are features. Which means there are 6 icons per page. Some examples, the "Silver-plated model of the Forth Bridge, 1882", "Sample of the first synthetic dye, 1856", "Harrison's clock, 1715" & "Genetically engineered mice, 1988".

Under the "Everyday Life" main page, the main categories are the Personal, Home, Work, Leisure, Control and Health. Some of the objects are "Clay Tobacco Pipe 1720-1720", "Rubber Diaphragm, 'Clinocap' 1930 - 1960", "Carton of Araldite epoxy resin adhesive, c.1945", and the "Philips video cassette recorder, type N1502, c.1974".

Two other main category are [online] Guided Tours and the Learning Modules for Biology, History and Psychology.

The images above starting from the top are from: Stories Timeline, Learning Modules, Icons of Invention and at last Everyday Life. The site is part of the Science Museum in London, England

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