March 12, 2009

blog - Old Picture Of The Day

"Old Picture of the Day" is a blog that concentrates on photography of the US early history. I browsed through the photographs and there are some that are quite interesting. According to the blogger: Each day we bring you one stunning of history of a historical photograph".

I think that for those who enjoy historical photography, that they'll find this site interesting. Note that some pictures from the Depression area and the war are depressing. However, there is a list on the left, so you can just skip those that might make you feel depressed. As a matter of fact, lots of pictures carry those themes early in this blog. Then the subjects have more themes some with technology of the 30's.

There are so many photos I am only in the "July 5" page. I don't know how many pages there are, but I liked many pictures.

BTW, if you haven't recognized the man under the beauties photographs yet, it is Mark Twain.

Old Picture of the day

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