March 9, 2009

Do You Recycle?

Occasionally, I wonder what the recycle rules and symbols in other countries are. Here in California, we are the leader of the recycle industry in this country.There is a lot of awareness here. So I am exposed a lot to recycle here all the time. It's interesting how in some other states in the US, the recycling isn't very well developed yet but it's getting better. I once was in Portland, Oregon to visit a friend who lives in a modern high rise building. They did not have any recycle bins. At the time I have not seen many recycle bins in Portland anyway.

This site has quite a few interesting images, although the one with the one from Germany (above) with the black and white face was kinda "scary" and interesting at the same time. :-) I wonder if this "fella" has a hold in its' head (sarcasm)

I confess that as soon as I saw the pictures I was attracted to the site immediately. Good way to grab the attention of people who look for information about recycling (I was looking for photos around the world). There is good information here. This is supposed to be an educational site. I would have love to see this site grows with additional images. Even in the US we have different type of recycle bins. In my town the bins are actually flap-less green crates (the kind that you put fruits and veggies inside), so if it's raining all the paper products get wet. Other people have tall paper bins with flaps... there are different recycle rules for each city as well.

Planet Pals - The World Recycles Project

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