October 16, 2009

The Union Pacific At The Top Of The Railroad

This is a summary from the UP site. Union Pacific Railroad is the subsidiary of The Union Pacific Corporation UP. It is one of the top US railroad franchise in 23 US states. What makes it unique from other railroad companies is that they are the only one that serves all of Mexico's six major gateways. Their largest client companies are APL Limited (as steamship company) and General Motors. The Union Pacific also stand out among the other railroad companies in that because it is the largest hauler of chemicals, and the largest carriers of truck trailers and containers. But their best business now is moving coal annually from mines in Wyoming, Illinois, Colorado and Utah.

In Chicago they have a commuter rain operation as well. As for chronological history of the company and the railroad, find it here. Their website has plenty of other data such as the logo history, special trains, historical maps and much more. The site navigation did kinda of confused me. I still haven't quite gotten the knack of it. Maybe it's just me. But I didn't see any site map so I still get lost, lol. I recommend you start with this page first before browsing the rest of the site. It think it's a good place to start. It worked for me. Well, sort of anyway.

Union Pacific - History & Photos


My favorite pages were the advertising of course, the maps and the history of the UP logo. If you are interested in the logo go to: "About Us" - "History & Photos" - then opt for the "History of the UP Logo" under the" UP History and Chronology". I also enjoyed looking at the photographs. As for the log, it has gone through some radical changes during the early years of the Pacific Union.

The home page:
Union Pacific - Building America

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