May 22, 2009

Game Inventor - Marvin Glass

Marvin Glass is the man behind the invention of some famous game. At the bottom of this page, there is a weird photo of him with huge glasses. A bit funny. The basic description of the site tells us that "This is Marvin himself with the specs, the story goes Marvin was at a party one time and he was talking to a self-absorbed bore. He stopped listening to what the person was saying and in his mind the persons glasses just kept getting bigger and bigger..." A former employee, Erick Erickson, tells us what it was like workig at Glass studio, and about Marvin Glass himself. .

Glass first invention was in 1948 (that is my understanding) when he invented the pocket theatre, Yaikty -Yak and a little chicken toy that laid agumball when you push it. There is more history about this gentleman, and photos of his game inventions. I only recognize a few because his toys were well before my time. But some, like the Operation still exist. I wish they displayed all of his inventions. He also designed games in the 60's and the 70's, I recognize, like the "rock'em sock'em robots".

Working At The Marvin Glass Studio

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