May 23, 2009


If you like art, you'll probably enjoy this site. It took me two hours to view it, and I'm not even done yet. So many artists and art works. Some have personal websites (from which I use the images) This site contains different mediums. There are all kind of mediums here, even "fountains". I've never heard of a medium called fountains before. Overall there are 13 t mediums presented. A lot of these medium are craft like concept. Some painting, neon, wood and more.

To my surprise, I recognized one of the artists as my former college teacher, and another as a an old friend of mine. I wonder how many other artists I know (but not their names). I was hoping to see my high school teacher. He was real good.

The artists of the photos above starting from the top are: Cameron Van Dyke, Carlos Basanta and at last Roberley Bell.

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