March 7, 2009

A Video of Bodie

I don't have anything good to post tonight (I'm actually very tired).So, I thought I'd post a YouTube link about Bodie. As some of you know, my dog, Bodie, was killed by a Pitbull in a dog park in October 22, 2008. More than 4 months ago. Recently, his foster mom sent me this clip of him. It is the only movie that I have of him. He is the larger Papillon with the most white hair, the other dog, Dexter is also a Pap but tad bit smaller.

The video is not embedded so you'll have to go to YouTube to view it. I don't know how to post it here as not embeded either. I'm too tired to look that up. The video is cute, but if you have a hard time watching videos of dogs who have passed away, then you might want to skip it. it shows Bodie and Dex playing for a few minutes, chasing each other in circles. To tell you the truth, it is hard for me to view the clip. I've only seen it maybe three times. I love the clip, especially, the part where Bodie lays down on his back (about half way of the clip), but it's still very painful emotionally to view it.

Bodie and Dex Playing

The original post about his passing away in October. There is picture of him.


I have not gotten a new service dog yet, but hopefully I'll get a new one within 3 months. I will post a picture once I get the new dog. I almost got one, but turned out that she is afraid of BBQ and smoke. We don't know why. Poor thing. So she is being adopted as a pet instead of a service dog.

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