September 22, 2008

What Is Your Favorite Sport Team's Logo?

Looking for a sport team's logo history? Or maybe you can't remember the logo of the rival team? Maybe you need to study the logos for your design class? Perhaps you are just bored..

Chris Creamer's sport logo's site has logos for the following sport fields, current and old, basketball, college, football, hockey, lacrosse, Olympics, rugby and soccer/football. There is even a logo almanac. I spent a long time viewing the almanac. It was fun to view the teams' older logos. I am quite impressed by the amount of work that Mr. Creamer has done.

In case you are wondering, the top logo, with the cowboy shooting and holding a bottle, is the 49ers logo from 1946 - 1967. I used to be a big fan of this team during their heydays.

Chris Creamer's Sport Logo. Net

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