August 18, 2008

Work For The Money

A fascinating page dedicated to paper cash money from around the world! For some countries, the money shown goes all the way back to the 19th century So that's a lot money. Good thing it goes by index, so you can just pick the country you want, and browse the years. You can also buy vintage money from this site.

There are countries which I've never heard of, like Biafra and Tokelau. Some countries that no longer exist, such as Yugoslavia. There also countries that have really nice looking paper, boring, interesting and unusual. It would take me a while to count them all (I saw about half the site, and my finger hurts already!). Look carefully when you check the countries names, it's easy to miss the images if you don't pay attention as to where to click.

What really surprised me the most, that Texas had their own money. That was in 1841 (well, that's the year of the currency seen here), when it was called the "Republic of Texas". The currency was Indian: Minerva. I've also forgotten that Hawaii used to have their own money in the 19th century.


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